2 de março de 2024

Crisis management

Crisis management

Crises are inevitable. Preventive action and the right attitude are what make brands and companies survive amidst attacks and image crises. Out of all the assets a company possesses, reputation is the most fragile; it can be damaged by an honest mistake, but a series of errors can destroy it.
The first one is not being prepared.

An efficient damage control operation includes not only publicizing a company’s or its executives’ version of a given event but also recognizing, comprehending, and correcting patterns and mistakes to avoid similar episodes in the future.

In partnership with legal departments and communications agencies, Mr Traumann has worked on some of the most severe image crises of the last few years, helping executives and companies position themselves, improve their controlling systems, and retain their market value with investors, in addition to contributing for the planning of long-term corporate communications plans.

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